All Diaplan consultants complete a certification of 2-hour weekly sessions followed by auditing live meetings between certified consultants and clients. After you certify as an analyst you can assist clients with system implementation and analytics

Certified consultants deliver our 2-Day certification program – The Third Bucket of Profit™ – to corporate managers at all levels. We conduct these on site for the client.. The four week ramp up to a System launch is a key responsibility for consultants, as well as continuing support in institutionalizing the System. 

If you participate in sales, you will demonstrate our tools and System. If you have clients and contacts that could benefit from Diaplan, you will earn generous commissions.  Capable consultants serve multiple clients.  Long-term assignments with clients = strong financial rewards.  Call us to learn more. 

“Nail it Today with Both Hands” explores Diaplan’s R&D history. 

It draws on industrial psychology, biology, social anthropology and statistics to clarify why the engagement needle has barely moved over the last 20 years.